Flea and Tick Medication for Dogs

It is essential to note that fleas and ticks are both external parasites that are detrimental to the health of dogs as well as human beings. Fleas do not have wings and can leap far and high in search of their hosts. On the other hand, ticks can crawl, and once they latch onto the dogs' skin, they start sucking blood up to its full. click this source for more info attack in large numbers to consume blood. Both pests dig into the host's skin causing allergy and sensitivity to the pet. For this reason, dogs become restless and keep on scratching and biting themselves. In so doing, dogs lose hair and feel irritated. In heavy pest's infestation, the dog can become anemic as the pests suck a lot of blood.  In some rare cases, the dogs even die after losing a lot of blood. Ticks are also known to transmit infections such as anaplasmosis, cytauxzoonosis, and tularemia. Some of these conditions are fatal if you one does not get an adequate treatment strategy on time.

The best method of controlling these pests infestation is, therefore, by planning on prevention techniques. Some of the control products are flea sprays and mists that can be sprayed directly on the dog's hair to repel any fleas that may want to attach themselves to the dog's skin. These sprays and mists are vital in killing the already attacking click to view now for more information. Some oral pills that contain lufenuron may also be ingested by the dog. Lufenuron stops the flea from producing eggs hence stopping its reproduction. The orally taken pills are so effective in preventing pest's infestation though they do not get rid of the already infesting fleas. Some powders, foams, and liquids also exist and are effective when topically applied. You can find them from veterinarian clinics who will go ahead and instruct on how to use them. It is always advisable to ensure that your dog is cleaned well with flea and tick shampoo. These shampoos are effective in killing parasites and eggs on the dog's hair.

Ensure that the dog's dwelling places are always clean and dust free. You can check whether they have parasites but slightly comb their hair. Wash the dog's bedding often and make sure that you wash its hair after going outside. Always treat your place with chemicals that get rid of fleas and ticks. It is very critical to understand the safety precautions of the products being used as they can be detrimental if misused. Always follow the instructions of the product strictly. It is crucial to prevent your dog's health as they ever want to hang out with you. If not, you may end up getting the same infestation. learn more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_treatments.

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