Importance of Flea and Tick Medication for Dogs

Fleas and ticks are known to cause discomfort and itching to dogs. There are certain dogs that lose hair and get skin infection because of allergies associated with fleas. Fleas are known to carry tapeworm. The dogs eat fleas and ticks to get rid of itchiness. Once ingested, the tapeworm grows into an adult and the result is seen when the worms crawl out of the rear end of the dog. Ticks on the other hand are blood suckers that carry diseases such as the Lyme disease and others. Read on to know the importance of flea and tick medication for dogs.

The most important reason for giving dogs medication is to prevent diseases caused by the pests. Lyme disease in particular is known to cause fever and joint pain and can cause kidney failure if left untreated. They carry bad diseases which can at times be life threatening. They can also cause anemia which is deadly to puppies. Medication helps the dog to stay comfortable and happy. visit Pet flea pill for more information are painful and itchy. This is why it is essential you take your dog to the vet for regular check up and give them medication that has been prescribed.

Additionally, you and your family are able to leave much more comfortably knowing that you won't find fleas and ticks on your carpet. Majority of the medication come in form of pill form and can be administered orally. There is also a liquid that can be applied to the skin of the dog. If your dog has been severely infested by ticks and fleas, it is advisable to seek medical treatment and not buy over the counter medication without the prescription of a vet. Remember that you should not use medication meant for other pets on your dog. 

Lastly, there are medications that take long to work but other work within a couple of minutes. Make sure you read the label on the medication to know the dosage and how fast the drug works. Choose medication that best suits your dog. Many people with kids prefer visit this site for more information flea prevention dogs over topical preparation to lower chances of kids coming in contact with the medicine. The good news is that there are medications that last longer some up to several months with just a single dose. This reduces the risks of missed doses making them effective in killing ticks and pets found on dogs. Read more from

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